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      Engaging People


Most organisations today rely heavily on teams in a variety of forms and want to ensure that every individual gets room to develop. Getting the best from teams is critical but not always easy. A high performing team comprises people who work together for a common goal and are able to achieve extraordinary results because they have created a solid foundation for productive communication, innovative solutions, and remarkable performance. In other words, they have equipped themselves with a high performance team culture.

All teams developing a sense of purpose and a clear cut mission.

All teams need the mission to be broken down into meaningful language and performance goals for each team member to pursue. Within the team individuals have to take responsibility for their part in accomplishing a project, output or task.

All teams fostering a mix of skills, experience and expertise, in order to meet the challenges of the team task.

In a high performance team, there needs to be a more advanced and comprehensive application of the qualities that teams need to have in a general sense. The team members have an inbuilt need and ambition to go after bigger challenges and they bring with them a work attitude and work ethic that creates a deeper commitment to the collective mission. Team’s complementary & interchangeable skills that are well balanced and congruent to the task bind to raise team performance & ensure stakeholder satisfaction.

High performing teams needing to develop appropriate work approaches, procedures and processes to ensure that they accomplish tasks efficiently and effectively.

Work approaches comprise a whole host of team work processes such as:

  • Decision making norms within the team
  • Approach to creativity in problem solving
  • Work standards that conform to accepted business norms and practices
  • Methods for using team meetings effectively
  • The team process for completing a task from start to finish-i.e. seeing it through to a successful conclusion.

Shared leadership sustaining high performance in teams

Shared leadership calls for a great deal of personal initiative from individual team members. The challenge is for each one of them to drive to make a difference, to think and find ways and approaches that help take the organisation forward. It is performance orientation and personal initiative with the focus firmly on the team mission and organisation goals. Displaying initiative and leadership qualities improves performance and eventually translates into organisation development and growth.

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