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      Our Approach

YOUR Ambition is OUR Ambition

Our approach

ABILWAYS strives to understand fully your business challenges and training needs up front.

The only sustainable way to improve operational performance, gain a clear competitive advantage, or continue growth is through the effective development of people and enterprise strategy. We are comprehensive, integrated consulting and training services to align your culture, teams and leaders to your business goals. Typical business issues include change management, strategic planning, culture alignment, organizational values, leadership development, team development (including virtual team) customer and employee satisfaction, reorganization and re-engineering.


ABILWAYS aims to define together the critical skills & processes required to succeed in this rapidly changing business environment.

We specialize in working with team leaders, HR experts, executive teams & senior level leadership groups to define the critical skills & processes required to succeed in this rapidly changing business environment. More specifically, we support our clients in:

  • Assessing the leadership competencies available to them and how best to encourage positive leadership behavior at all levels;
  • Aligning their key priorities and projects to organizational mission, vision and values;
  • Determining and developing their culture to be consistent with core values and business strategy;
  • Successfully integrating different cultures at critical times – e.g. during merger or acquisition;
  • Creating high performance executive teams that walk the talk;
  • Achieving consistently effective cross-functional teamwork to break down silos.

OUR way of working

ABILWAYS listens advises & offers flexible and sustainable solutions. How?

Our approach

By creating shared vision among top leadership about the changes that need to be made; by mobilizing commitment among the key stakeholders that need to lead the change - setting up steering committees and cross-functional teams as necessary; by creating a partnership between internal and external resources; by building leadership capacity in culture change, team leadership and management skills ; by tracking progress - we help you troubleshoot resistance to change and other rough spots in the implementation process; and most importantly, by making change last - we leave you with tools, templates, structures and processes that will enable individual & collective follow-up.


“ [...] the collaboration was always very nice, effective and enjoyable. Thank you very much again for your professionalism.”


“It has been a great pleasure for us to be able to work with you - always helpful, proficient and efficient! I thank you for your friendly attitude and patience, even if the customer has been demanding.”


“Thanks for your assistance in this matter and for your continuing efficiency. It makes my job so much easier to have reliable counterparts!”


“[...] I have always appreciated your professional and friendly way of handling our requests and providing prompt and reliable support.”

HR Adviser, REA

“ Je me permets de vous faire savoir que ce fut pour notre DG une année d'apprentissage et développement d'exception grâce à votre partenariat qui allait bien au-delà de la coopération ou d'une simple relation client/fournisseur. EFE a permis à la DG de mener avec succès un grand nombre de formations et de séminaires grâce à votre aide, votre flexibilité, votre réactivité et votre professionnalisme [...]”

Team Leader & Training Manager, European Institution
Contact - tél : 01 44 09 25 08
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