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Today’s learning environment must adapt to rapidly changing business context, heavy workload & fierce global competition and therefore become more flexible, time sensitive and cost effective. In order to foster innovation and imagination & build solid advantages in people, learning must be applied creatively & rapidly. Nowadays organisations should ensure driving high-impact learning & their staff having proper abilities to rapidly apply continuous learning to their workplace. ABILWAYS offers both classroom and blended solutions used mainly for experiential learning but also goes beyond formal and structured learning to embrace dynamic and social learning opportunities. Our objective is to provide access to learning opportunities at the time of clients’ choosing & in the most adaptable format. ABILWAYS learning solutions designed to adapt to how and when learners work best.

What makes ABILWAYS' Learning Framework different:

  • Learning preferences drive selection of content and formats
  • Constantly updated technology ensures user-friendly & time saving access to learning
  • Modular framework created to support rapidly changing business environment

Long term learning progression and consistent pedagogy are keys to the effective long term development of organizations’ staff. ABILWAYS is committed to supporting the companied by utilizing comprehensive and coherent learning approaches. We offer the following varied learning resources and formats:

Classroom Blended Workshops
e-learning Lunch & Learn Coaching
Professional learning path Facilitation
Corporate university Consultancy


Group work increases participants' interest and involvement, allows in-depth discussion, collaboration, assessing other people's insights & experience sharing. It is an active learning approach aimed at understanding concepts, processes, tools, and skills and putting them into action. Classroom learners develop a more solid, integrated, useful understanding of concepts and their interrelationships and applicability. Classroom activities heightened discussion and interactivity.



“ [...] the collaboration was always very nice, effective and enjoyable. Thank you very much again for your professionalism.”


“It has been a great pleasure for us to be able to work with you - always helpful, proficient and efficient! I thank you for your friendly attitude and patience, even if the customer has been demanding.”


“Thanks for your assistance in this matter and for your continuing efficiency. It makes my job so much easier to have reliable counterparts!”


“[...] I have always appreciated your professional and friendly way of handling our requests and providing prompt and reliable support.”

HR Adviser, REA

“ Je me permets de vous faire savoir que ce fut pour notre DG une année d'apprentissage et développement d'exception grâce à votre partenariat qui allait bien au-delà de la coopération ou d'une simple relation client/fournisseur. EFE a permis à la DG de mener avec succès un grand nombre de formations et de séminaires grâce à votre aide, votre flexibilité, votre réactivité et votre professionnalisme [...]”

Team Leader & Training Manager, European Institution
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