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Our consultants -Our key to Our Success

Our consultants

ABILWAYS international department collaborates closely with over 150 permanent consultants & has an experienced network of 350 training consultants and guests speakers worldwide.

They are selected through a scrupulous selection process, recruited from diverse professional and cultural backgrounds, and possess high-level competences in professional training and facilitation, proven linguistic capacities and a recognized experience in learning & development areas within a multicultural and multinational setting.

Their deep expertise, quality and efficiency is the cornerstone for successful & lifetime collaboration with our clients. Our experts are based in Europe (Belgium, United Kingdom, Ireland, France, Luxembourg, Germany and Netherlands) and are easy to mobilize for trainings in different EU Member States and outside the EU.

We choose trainers who are specialists in their respective fields and are dedicated to enhance our clients’ skills and knowledge through interactive, easily applicable & results oriented solutions. We pride ourselves on being up to speed with today’s business leaders. As a result we attract some of the best-known experts. Each consultant in our extended global network brings their particular expertise to making strategy work in the different cultures and challenging business contexts in which international organizations operate.

Should you be interested in joining our team, please email us directly at


“ [...] the collaboration was always very nice, effective and enjoyable. Thank you very much again for your professionalism.”


“It has been a great pleasure for us to be able to work with you - always helpful, proficient and efficient! I thank you for your friendly attitude and patience, even if the customer has been demanding.”


“Thanks for your assistance in this matter and for your continuing efficiency. It makes my job so much easier to have reliable counterparts!”


“[...] I have always appreciated your professional and friendly way of handling our requests and providing prompt and reliable support.”

HR Adviser, REA

“ Je me permets de vous faire savoir que ce fut pour notre DG une année d'apprentissage et développement d'exception grâce à votre partenariat qui allait bien au-delà de la coopération ou d'une simple relation client/fournisseur. EFE a permis à la DG de mener avec succès un grand nombre de formations et de séminaires grâce à votre aide, votre flexibilité, votre réactivité et votre professionnalisme [...]”

Team Leader & Training Manager, European Institution
Contact - tél : 01 44 09 25 08
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