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ABILWAYS focuses on the delivery of large-scale, global projects & the coordination of projects within the group European subsidiaries. With an office in Brussels and 14 permanent and experienced multilingual account support staff, ABILWAYS international department is committed to delivering high quality, innovative & result oriented learning & development solutions to an international client base.
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Adaptive, resilient & results orientated partner

ABILWAYS believes in:
What qualities are necessary to acquire for today's organizations in order to adapt to rapidly changing business environment & drive significant change in the future?

Understand the dynamic nature of their business environment

The concept of organisational resilience is central to ABILWAYS' approach to growing capability within its clients. Successful organisations are those who understand the dynamic nature of their business environment (competitors, technology, economics, government policy, and their customers’ needs and expectations).

Be willing to adapt to sudden and high-impact change

ABILWAYS offers a range of services and products that help its clients become more dynamic. In recent years the concept of organisational resilience has become central to organizational success in both private and public sectors. Organizations have to be agile enough to redefine the extent and scope of threats facing them and opportunities open to them.

Organisations strive to be stronger, more adaptable and reactive when faced with unpredicted change

ABILWAYS applies models and approaches that are flexible, easily adaptable and relevant to the client’s context. Our solutions respect our clients’ real needs and business reality. We recognise the need to adapt to distinct sectoral requirements.


Effective learning & long-term impact

Our recommendations focus on supporting organisations and their people as they embed effective learning and knowledge. Then we help them and apply it to today’s challenges and working environments. Critical to this is defining key metrics that link training and learning outputs to measurable business goals.

Consistent learning approach: think global - act local

Supported by in-house knowledge and our extensive international network, ABILWAYS offers consistent and coherent range of services and approaches. We develop and deliver solutions across international boundaries while taking into consideration different local development needs, languages, cultures & working styles.

In order to meet these challenges successfully ABILWAYS can offer the following support:

  • Change implementation capability – i.e. project management, deployment expertise and supporting resources capable of engaging working populations of several hundred people or more.
  • Effective learning tools and methodology geared up to the needs of global businesses and complex change projects
  • A dedicated and experienced key account manager for your organisation. The role of this professional is to act as a partner and trusted advisor to your organisation and project.
  • Consistent and coherent project implementation regardless of the number of consultants involved.


“ [...] the collaboration was always very nice, effective and enjoyable. Thank you very much again for your professionalism.”


“It has been a great pleasure for us to be able to work with you - always helpful, proficient and efficient! I thank you for your friendly attitude and patience, even if the customer has been demanding.”


“Thanks for your assistance in this matter and for your continuing efficiency. It makes my job so much easier to have reliable counterparts!”


“[...] I have always appreciated your professional and friendly way of handling our requests and providing prompt and reliable support.”

HR Adviser, REA

“ Je me permets de vous faire savoir que ce fut pour notre DG une année d'apprentissage et développement d'exception grâce à votre partenariat qui allait bien au-delà de la coopération ou d'une simple relation client/fournisseur. EFE a permis à la DG de mener avec succès un grand nombre de formations et de séminaires grâce à votre aide, votre flexibilité, votre réactivité et votre professionnalisme [...]”

Team Leader & Training Manager, European Institution
Contact - tél : 01 44 09 25 08
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